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Home Health Services


Skilled Nursing

We collaborate with your primary physician and develop a personalized care plan, tailoring it to your own goals and medical needs.  Our skilled nursing services are provided by Registered Nurses and may include: Medication Management, Wound Care, Ostomy / Colostomy Care, Catheter Care, Patient Education and much more. Our RN's will develop a plan of care to meet your specific healthcare needs related to your illness processes, coordinating your care with your physician.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapists are healthcare professionals that specialize in providing therapeutic exercises and other strategies to strengthen and improve the patient's ability to cope with acute or chronic changes in physical abilities. Our therapists are also able to help with pain management.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists are healthcare professionals that specialize in providing therapeutic exercises and other strategies to help patients improve the skills needed for daily living and working.

Speech Therapy 

Speech-language pathology are healthcare professionals that specialize in providing treatment that helps you strengthen or regain speech, language, and swallowing skills.

Infusion Therapy 

Infusion therapy is the administration of drugs intravenously to treat complex, serious medical conditions. We specialize in the care and management the patient while he/she receives the expert care they need. IV's, PICC lines, central lines, ports, drawing labs, etc. Highly skilled clinical team able to handle any infusion reaction or medical need.

Social Worker 

Home Health Medical Social Worker are professionals that specialize in  social and emotional factors related to the patients illness, the need for care, their response to treatment, and provide insight for adjustments to care.

In addition the medical social worker reviews the medical and nursing requirements to the home situation, financial resources, and the community resources available to you.  

Home Health Aide

Home Health Aides (HHA's) are Certified Nursing Assistants with additional training. Home Health Aides may perform duties as assigned by a Registed Nurse or Therapist. They assist in carrying out the plan of care developed by the RN or Therapist.


Call our Glendale Office for more information and to see if home health aide services may be right for you!

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